Covenant Drive


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Product Description

Introducing the Covenant drive.

The covenant drive is a great sounding overdrive. It has a fat sound and still maintains a very articulate string clarity. This pedal goes from really tasty and crunchy sounds to spanky and sparkly boost. The Covenant drive allows you to set the gain at a point where it has great sounding high harmonic content, then with a slight roll back of your volume knob on the guitar will clean up like a 50s style tweed amp. It also so has true bypass switching, so this pedal wont affect the tone of your other pedals when its not being used. It also features a purple LED.


Volume for setting the overdrive level compared to the true bypassed signal.

Gain for setting the amount of overdrive desired.

Tone for adjusting the amount of warmth you like.

Presence for adding slightly higher frequency content and harmonics.

True Bypass Switch


Runs on 9 to 12 Volts DC center negative external supply. Does not have internal battery capabilty.

Requires 75mA current supply or better.

These are perfect for a pedal board setup.



L (4-3/4) x W (4) x H (2-1/8) inches

L (12.1) x W (10.2) x H (5.4) centimeters

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 4 in